How to Treat Warts Naturally

You do not have to treat warts if you do not suffer from them. Often, warts disappear from themselves. To prevent contamination in other areas of your skin , it is important that you do not scratch or prick warts. Also ensure good hygiene and avoid the use of towels and the like.

How to Get Rid of Warts

Means against warts

You can buy medicines from the chemist to make the warts disappear faster. With these means you can spot warts yourself, after you have protected the skin around it with a greasy cream. The substances consist of salicylic acid or podophyllin that remove the visible part of the warts. There are also sprayers that can freeze warts. These only work with small superficial warts.

Freeze, burn away and cut away

If you have foot warts with a thick callous layer, then you may have to pre-treat your wart before it can be permanently removed. You will then receive a plaster with a soothing ointment that you have to stick on the wart. After a week, the callus layer is week and the doctor can scrape the horny layer. Sometimes the GP refers you to the podotherapist who can remove the calluses and touch the wart.

Tips to prevent (new) warts

It is very difficult to prevent getting warts. Most people come into contact with Human Papilloma Virus in their lifetime. Because you do not get warts, you often do not know that you are infected with the virus .

Although you never have any certainty, here are some tips to reduce the risk of warts:

Avoid using towels, shoes or other personal items from people who suffer from warts.
If you go to the swimming pool, gym or other public space, always wear slippers or something else on your feet.
Always dry your feet and hands well.
If you already have warts, it is wise to stick to the following rules to prevent further infection in yourself or in others:

Do not scratch on warts.
Wash your hands after touching your warts.
Wash your towels at high temperatures.
Do not brush or shave yourself in areas where there are warts.