How Can You Prevent Hair Loss

Baldness is a specter for both men and women. Can you prevent hair loss? We presented these and other questions to hair specialist drs. E. Plinck of the Outpatient Clinic for Hair and Nail Diseases in Rotterdam.

Can a shampoo help to prevent hair loss?

Plinck: “No, a shampoo can not prevent hair loss, and no active substances can be added to a shampoo, which can penetrate far enough into the scalp to stimulate the hair roots, only with an alcohol-like solution and with the specially prepared water-soluble Minoxidil Lotion The effect of some food supplements for hair loss is scientifically proven. “

In the fall the complaints about hair loss invariably increase. But is it really true that you lose more hair in the fall?

Plinck: “Hair growth and hair loss are varied processes, many people have a moulting period in spring and autumn, but this does not apply to all people, everyone has their own – personal – pattern of growth and dropout.”

Does stress affect hair loss?

Plinck: “Usually not so much, but under extreme conditions, and if there is a hair problem, then stress can have a (negative) influence.”

Is transplanted hair permanent or does it fall out again?

Plinck: “The hair that is transplanted comes from the back of the head, which is insensitive to hair loss and is therefore no longer out of the question, but unfortunately for women, this only applies to men!”

Does the way you treat your hair affect hair loss, such as brushing often?

Plinck: “Yes, what you do with your hair certainly has an effect: Perma- nents, decolorizing and dyeing your hair (to a lesser degree) make the hair brittle, lifeless and fragile, often breaking away in the scalp, so it looks look like hair loss. “

“Even if the brush does not match the hair type (frizzy, straight, thick, thin, etc.) it can cause a lot of damage.” Plastic brushes make the hair static, which causes it to be damaged. “In the outpatient clinic, we see that people benefit greatly from brushes with real hair, preferably Mason Pearson brushes. “

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